EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING begins with a Thought!

Thoughts are things, things with energy and power.

Every great invention began with a THOUGHT!

Learn how to monitor your Thoughts, how to focus on the positive ones and dispose of the negative ones.

Learn how to turn the positive ones into your self-talk, and then how to channel that self-talk into some powerful focused energy toward your Best Life?

Once you program these thoughts and focused energy into your subconscious the Universe will manifest the changes you need to produce whatever it is you want out of life.

Remember it’s not Magic, it’s the law of attraction

 It’s called the Law of attraction!  I draw to me what I think, do and say!

THE POWER OF ATTRACTION is a strong magnetic force.

If you want:

  • to be rich, stop thinking and talking about being broke
  • Love in your life, stop talking about Hate
  • peace of mind, don’t keep thinking and talking about the things that disturb you.

There’s an old saying, “The THOUGHT of pain can cause pain.” 

The Universe is extremely sensitive and responds to our strongest thoughts and emotions.

What we put out into the World will show up in our lives, over and over again.  Be it finances, jobs, relationships, whatever.

Your subconscious, is the automatic receptacle of all of your thoughts and self-talk.  But remember it can’t differentiate between negative and positive.  It just stores whatever you keep repeating.  And keep in mind your subconscious will also act as a receptacle for other people’s thoughts and talk if you allow it.

Garbage in, garbage out 

Remember those external influences we talked about earlier, advertisers and such that make a living out of programming your subconscious.

Be conscious of the thoughts that pop into your mind when you first wake up in the morning.  If those thoughts put and smile or a frown on your face, that’s probably how your day is going to go.

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