Lately it seems as though every time I turn around something pops out at me involving a Bucket List.

At a recent doctor’s visit, I picked up a WebMD magazine and as I browsed through it, I noticed an article encouraging the readers to….

Take note of the words “life is finite, time is precious”.

We all need that sign stamped on the back of our hands.  I mean really how many times do we need to hear it before we make the darn List!

A few days later I see a similar article on the Internet under WebMD.

“Make a Bucket List – then Share it with your Doc.”

Well I couldn’t believe it.

The article talks about a survey that showed 91 percent of those that took the survey had made a (Bucket List) DAISY LIST.  Although I was pleasantly surprised about the concept, I was disappointed the writers hadn’t used the new terminology.  I intend to write to the editors and inform them of the new updated term, DAISY LIST!

DAISY LIST just sounds so much more positive, don’t you think?

The article explains the health benefits of sharing a DAISY LIST with your doctor.

So, my well-informed readers, if you have any health issues or a planned visit to the hospital, perhaps it would be a good thing if you prepare a Daisy List before you go. It’ll put you in a more positive mood, and perhaps even contribute toward better health for all of us. 

So follow the doctors orders and make a DAISY LIST

“The DAISY List formula for EPIC health

  • Do EPIC things
  • Have an EPIC LIFE!

” The best self-improvement book you could write this minute, is your own biography.  Just make sure to include or delete all the woulda, couldna, shoulda’s and then rewrite the ending”

Consult your doctor and take their advice, then write a DAISY LIST!

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