Okay my Daisy List readers here we go!

Get you ready for your 2019 BEST LIFE NOW!

We’re going to start early, do some simple exercises, put some new habits in place, reset your internal compass, so by the time February is over, you’ll be ready to celebrate this New Year with the “BEST NEW You” possible. 

 To do that we have to go “back to YOUR Future” and look at some defining moments that helped to shape your current life.

No resolutions, no new diet, no new budget, just A NEW YOU! Wow!

How bout that?

First some easy simple exercises, so get a notebook and have some fun. 


First let’s check on your internal compass.  Easy exercise, write down the earliest HAPPY childhood memory you can remember.  It can be one word, one paragraph or a whole story.  Just write until you smile.  The biggest take away you need from that memory is, did it set your “INTERNAL” compass North or South?

Now write down your earliest DEVASTATING childhood memory that you can remember.  Again, one word, one paragraph, or a whole page.  Just write until you cry.  Again, at the time, did it set your compass “INTERNAL” North or South

This devastating exercise takes a little more thought.  It might have been bad or painful, however it may have made you MORE determined to go North.

Between those two exercises you should be able to begin the process of “WHO AM I” which should lead you to “WHAT DO I WANT?”

You can repeat this exercise over and over, it doesn’t have to be just one memory, and it doesn’t have to be just childhood memories, it could be adolescent years, adult years, whatever.

These memories should trigger how you came to pursuing certain Dreams and goals.  Or maybe just the opposite. They should help you understand what set your internal compass and what’s at your core self. 

Part two of this exercise is to document some past defining moments, also known as “AHA” moments.

~defining moment definition~

A moment you hear, see, or do something, that sends a million-watt-lightning bolt to your brain, triggering knowledge about something you didn’t quite understand before that moment.

 It creates an instant realization of something that could change the direction of your life forever. 

These incidents can generate or create a turning point in our lives, leaving lasting impressions or imprints on the brain.  However, the impact may not show up for years. 


  • realized your best friend wasn’t a friend at all.
  • publicly recognized for some sort of major accomplishment
  • realized you had a skill or talent
  • you were let down by someone you trusted
  • rejected by someone you loved


Decide what those moments meant to you, and how they impacted you because you will carry them forever. 

Describe your feelings in writing, the impact it left on your brain, did, it set your “internal compass” north or south. 

It’s not just the incident that leaves an impact, it’s how you choose to react to the incident.

Famous celebrities have described specific moments that either changed their lives or determined their destiny.  

  • Bill Clinton early age, shaking John F. Kennedy’s hand put him on a path in politics
  • Elvis Presley told he had no talent, that rejection just propelled him to success.
  • Joseph Campbell attended a play at the age of six with his father and it set a compass in him.
  • Mother Teresa looked outside of her window one day, saw poverty and in that instant vowed to change it.

 These “epiphanies” can occur at any and all ages, 6, 10, 15, 25, 45, 60 or 80 years old, age doesn’t matter.

 Do some reflection on these things, describe each incident.

These things are the road map of how you got where you are so far. 

  • How did it happen? How old were you?  Who else was involved?
  • How long did it last? Did it inspire fear or courage?
  • At that moment, did you suppress the feeling or embrace it?
  • Did it give you a positive or negative feeling?
  • How does it influence your self-talk today?
  • What was the imprint it left on your subconscious?
  • Was your belief system changed in any way? Explain how.
  • Did it make you feel proud or embarrassed?

 Most of all, how did it set your “internal compass?”

That’s the critical piece, is your core-self heading North or South

The core self regulates how you, think, feel, act, and what you believe about your SELF!

 Study your answers on all of the exercises over and over. It should paint a pretty good picture of who you are.

 Now figure out if that’s who you want to be?

 The good news about all of this is, you can change your direction any time you like.

 Just remember……

“When a defining moment comes along, YOU define the moment, or the moment defines YOU”.

Did your defining moments move you forward, or set you back?

 This is only the beginning of the NEW YOU!

Welcome to the start of the NEW Year YOU!

 Until the next exercise,

 Make it a Magical Day!

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